No Smoking

DISCLAIMER: This arranger does NOT wish to promote use of tobacco products.

All of these (except for "longer Winston") are restorations of what was on University of Delaware PLATO; all of these are limited to 4 simultaneously-sounding clarinet (sawtooth) tones.

Winston: "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should."

longer Winston: Same as above, with "Up front where the tobacco (bl)ends..." (occurring twice) inserted at the beginning; same style was used as in the already existing Winston.

Marlboro: "You get a lot to life with a Marlboro; filter flavor, pack or box."

"Like Father, Like Son" is from an anti-smoking public-service announcement; it includes a small boy picking up a pack of his father's cigarettes.

Winston ad
 longer Winston ad
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Like Father, Like Son

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