Church Music
Mostly pre-Vatican II
Christmas hymns are included in the Christmas page elsewhere on this site.
Melodies which I then harmonized by ear:
"Pange Lingua", "Veni Creator Spiritus", "Sing a New Song", "For All the Saints", "O Lord with Wondrous Mystery".
(I heard "For All the Saints" at Latin Mass of Vatican II rite in St. Louis, then after return to Wilmington, Del., I had to jot down its melody from a hymnal I found there.  By the way, notice that "Latin Mass" could be of Vatican II rite, which I just mentioned, and not just of Tridentine rite.)
Mass of Angels 
Christ the King
Missa Simplex

Ecce Panis Angelorum

People's Mass
Glory Be to Jesus
Requiem Mass
For All the Saints
Missa Redemisti Nos

Pange Lingua

Mass in F
Veni Creator Spiritus
Missa Mater Amabilis

Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All

Mass of St. Basil Sacris Solemnis (Panis Angelicus)
Mass by Carl Moore Sing a New Song

Lent & Passiontide

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Palm Sunday 
All Praise to St. Patrick
Resurrection O Lord with Wondrous Mystery
aspersion before Mass  

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