Captain Kangaroo

1st selection is also found on the TV themes page, and is from the early 1960s.
Other selections are a revival of excerpts I put on the University of Delaware PLATO system in the 1980s, based on my memory of the 1959 record LP.

TV theme 

Row Row Row Your Boat This is presented as a simple "round", which is the term used by Captain Kangaroo himself.

One More River to Cross Captain Kangaroo mentioned Noah's ark being built "at the Lord's command".  I heard the spoken words "The animals marched in 2 by 2" followed by sung "There's one more river to cross" (and then repeat this?).  Then I heard "One more river, and that's the river of Jordan; one more river, there's one more river to cross."  But does that resemble the story of Joshua leading the Israelites the rest of the way into the Promised Land?

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